Some great pics of Baby Girl Clothes

Hello again readers! We have been out and found some really great new fashions and styles that both you and your baby girl will just LOVE! Just look at how cute these are!  There are such cute dresses for this time of year, and i’m sure we will all have get at least a few!  Even the little overalls are just adorable! And a little farther down you see so many fun outfits for time out in the sun or at the beach.  And all of these are from Carter’s or Oshkosh which means they are going to cost you a fortune!  Cheap baby clothes, that’s the site name remember? LOL I hope you all find something to show off how adorable your little on already is!

Carters Baby Overalls 20130428-152259.jpg

I’ve been trying to do the hard work for you guys, and I think I finally found some of the great upcoming fashions that will be all the rage for all for the baby girls out there!  I took these pictures in various shops and such but the prices are not that great, which is why we buy online!  And there really are so many great places online that these adorable baby clothes can be found at much better, (dare I say cheap??) prices than In these department or specialty shops. Places like Zulily and amazon have very competitive prices!  Are great example of the upcoming trends, just look at this cute Carter’s dress, which they have out for the upcoming for the 4th of July holiday, but its totally something that can be worn all summer!  I’m sure these will go fast!

20130428-152600.jpgAnd look at this, red white and blue flip-flops! Super cute!  I want a pair for myself! 😛


20130428-155851.jpgAnd in the other are some really, just “fun” summer, beach outfits.  They just make me want to smile!

And look at that Bib, “Red, White, and CUTE” omg WANT!  But I found it on amazon too!  Carter’s Red White & Blue Fourth of July Teething Bib (Cute) Cant wait to see this on my kiddo!


I hope you guys have had some great ideas from these pic and maybe even found something for your baby girl!  I’ll be on the hunt for more great, cute outfits and great deals and fashion trends to help us all spend the least, to get the best, cutest outfits for our little bundles of joy!

Thanks for reading!