How to find the right size clothes for your baby

Finding the right size baby clothes’ can be very frustrating but also very fun!  When you start to look for baby clothes’ you notice that the sizes are very different from what you may be used to.  Many of them use what appears to be a babies’ age.

Clothes size = age?

For the following example let’s use, 0-3 months.  What is this?  For us adults the size of the clothing helps us by to close that fit, would you really want to have a different “size” that you wear each time you had a birthday?  Last year I was a size 26, but I just had my birthday so now I’m a size 27…  No, what they actually mean is that babies within the age range of zero, or newborn, all the way up to 3 months old probably could wear this article of clothing.  And does actually works quite well because all babies, or at least most, or all within about the same size the first year or so of their life.  But this makes our job actually quite a bit easier!  So now when you’re shopping for your two month old baby you will know to get the clothes that are a 0 to 3 months, easy!

Not all sizes are shown the same

Green Baby Polo shirt, Newborn sizeUnfortunately all baby clothes’ are not as straightforward as the example above.  Some clothes only say, for example “3”, or as in the picture to the left, nb.  A 3 means the same as the example above or 0-3 months, the max being three months old.   And the “nb” stands for “newborn” not no baby 😉 LOL.  and it means will fit anywhere between a premee to newborn. Yes, its a little more confusing but once you see it once, it will make some sense.

Swimwear runs small

The fan if it’s in the summer when you want to buy a swimsuit for your baby you will quickly discover that these run considerably smaller.  Our recommendation is to buy at least one or two sizes larger when you buy swimming clothes.

There are so many different types of “clothes” that you need to get for your baby:

  • Onezee
  • snap up outfits
  • pullover t-shirts
  • sleep gowns
  • swimware
  • Dress clothes
  • play clothes
  • Coats
  • sweaters
  • and many others!


 Help from the Source

Grandma's Little Peanut Blue OnezeeMany clothing manufacturers have something called a “size and age chart”.  This basically converts the baby age-size thing into real weight and length!  Basically, its the same way we pick out clothes.  For example a baby about three months old that has a weight of between 7 and 12 pounds with a length of 17 to 23 inches a would have a bootie or shoe size of 3 and a sock size of up to six months.

Here is general guide to help the new parent pick the right size:

AGE             SIZE            WEIGHT (lbs)         HEIGHT (in)
Preemie     Preemie       Up to 6                  Up to 17
0 m             NB               Up to 9                  Up to 21
0-3 m          3 m              Up to 12                Up to 23
3-6 m          6 m              12-16                    24-26
6-9 m          9 m              16-18                    27-28
9-12 m        12 m            18-20                    28-30
12-18 m      18 m            20-24                    30-32
18-24 m      24 m            25-27*                  33-34*

As confusing as finding the right size may be however, it’s important to remember to have fun!  Your sweet baby will only be this small once so you should enjoy it!  And keep in mind that your baby is growing of course and if you find something that is particularly cute you should get it, maybe just give it a little bit larger and you can be safe assured knowing that they will be growing into it very soon.  For our child, we were buying holiday outfits in the summer!  In fact we had enough Halloween outfits for our son to wear a costume every single day of the month.  We have a lot of fun dressing him up.  I even looked at some designer clothing for our baby, especially when we thought we were having a baby girl.  The Armani baby girls’ clothes have some very nice stuff.  If this is the outside your budget that’s OK, manufacture such as carters can be just as stylish!  Good luck in all your baby shopping endeavors, of the remember to have fun