Cheap baby clothes the easy way!

Becoming a parent comes with immense joy but it also comes with a lot of added responsibilities, one of the most basic being that of providing clothing your new baby. Baby clothing in particular can be quite expensive. There are however, several options available that parents can use to access cheap baby clothes. And, just because they are cheaper does not mean that they are of a poorer quality. There are instances where such clothing can even be accessed free of charge!

Places to Access Cheap Baby Clothes

It can take a little creativity and innovation when seeking these unique avenues to find cheap baby clothes; but rest assured they can be found! Here are a few of the most popular:

  1. Word of mouth: Ask around, your friends and relatives can offer hand-me-downs or gently used baby clothes
  2. Look for freebies online: Many manufacturers offer specials on some baby items as a way of marketing themselves
  3. Be on the lookout for garage sales in your neighborhood
  4. Cutting out coupons that will help you get discounts in local stores: Malls, or even the supermarket may have clothing
  5. There are also available stores that specialize in second hand clothing for babies as well as in ‘dead stock’ stock as a result of changing fashion trends.
  6. Comparing prices among online stores as their prices are fairly cheaper like Amazon, eBay, Smart options, Best Buys and are quite popular.
  7. Facebook and Twitter can be used to reach out and see if anyone is selling gently used baby clothes.

If you are a parent with older children, you could barter or trade the clothes they have outgrown with another parent that has baby clothes in the size you desire.

Lost for Options?

Carters-Baby-Clothes-BoySome parents however do not even have the option of utilizing a sale. In the current economy, many parents or forced to use garage sales or hand-me-downs as the only source of clothes for their children. These parents must then be especially diligent in putting out the word to their own personal social network that they are in the market for baby clothes.

Quality of baby clothes

carters baby girl clothesAs mentioned earlier, just because clothing is second hand or on sale does not mean that it is necessarily of a lesser quality. Most of them are in very good condition and almost new. Other parents could have taken them to the second hand clothing store because they no longer fit. Even designer baby clothes’ may be found at such stores! Consignment stores for example, are one such stores and offer fairly affordable infant clothing. Some of the best brands like Old Navy, Denims, Carters and Osh kosh b’gosh are available here. Seeking cheap baby clothes here ensures that you get to view the clothing item and even check on the fabric and stitching quality.

How to Get the Best Deals:

  • Keeping a sharp lookout can be very crucial . As they say, only those that seek, will find. If you are determined to get the best offers and deals for your baby’s clothing, or even get it free, the parent must be on the lookout
  • The parent must stay updated on what their social network is up to especially after they have put out a request for baby clothes
  • The same applies to online discounts and coupons. These may only available for a limited period of time and only those that have access to them first can use them.
  • Do not ignore garage sales in your neighborhood. Perhaps the neighbor is leaving town and selling off items they may not need. This could be a great opportunity to get some nice clothing for your baby
  • We all have friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Some of them have small children that have outgrown their clothes. Most do not know what to do with these clothes that fill up their closets and attics. Parents should utilize these connections!
  • Asking around is very important. The next person you ask could actually be looking for a way to dispose of baby clothing for free. You could end up with much more than you can use, all for free.

In summary, cheap baby clothes are everywhere. Some may cost more than others, but some will be free! And once again remember, “Only those that seek, WILL find”!