How to find Cheap Baby Clothes: What Every Parent Needs to Know!

Whether you are having your first child or your third, everyone loves to shop for baby clothes. With the current economy most parents look for baby clothes that are cheap, and durable. Parents everywhere ask themselves what do we really need to buy?


Clothes you really need

Here are a few items that every parent needs to make sure they have.  And, think about the season and what the weather will be if buying various sizes.  For example babies need hats both in the summer and in the winter, but we all know that they will be very different!

  1. Inside shirts
  2. Sleepers
  3. Hats
  4. Outfits (ie: girls dresses;boys dress clothes)
  5. Outer wear (ie: Summer/Winter Hats;Scarves;Mittens)
  6. Sweaters
  7. Socks
  8. Accessories: (Bow Ties;Bows;Hair Bands)

tough like daddy Green plad shortsWhen shopping for baby clothes its always best to keep a budget in mind. Define what you really need versus what you want (ie: Do you really need designer baby clothes or will you be happy with budget friendly baby clothing?). Once you have your list ready start checking for deals, often a store’s website will have clearance baby clothes for a fraction of the cost!

Designer Baby Clothing, Is it worth it?

When your shopping for cheap baby clothing price is undoubtedly on every parents mind. After all you’ve spent a small fortune on maternity clothes for just a few short months ago.  And, babies grow at such an excessive rate you’ll find you’ve gotten more wear out of your maternity clothes then little Joey will out of his designer duds!  However, if you do want to go that direction, be sure to check out our article on designer baby clothes here.

Affordable and Durable brands:

black and green stripe - trendy baby girl dressWhen your shopping around you’ll hear many brand names: OshKosh,Carters,Old Navy, and Baby Gap just to name a few. You’ll find these brands have a good variety of clothing that won’t have you breaking the bank! The added advantage is you’ll have clothing that will wash and wear through more then one child.

Clearance Baby Clothes:

If your waiting for your bundle(s) of Joy to arrive or your little one has already made his/her appearance then grab your laptop/tablet or PC and start surfing the baby clothing websites. You’ll be happy to see they all offer a discount/clearance section and if your willing you can always buy a season ahead and get great deals!

Cheap Baby Clothes VS Designer Baby Clothing:

As a parent you want to dress little Jane in the latest girls dresses available but will it be designer or department store? You must remember practicality. Will Jane wear said outfit once or numerous times before the dreaded growth spurt? Its best to limit the number of Designer Baby Clothing to one or two pieces that will get worn frequently. An essential piece of clothing such as a sweater or jacket would help stretch your budget but also allow you to splurge just a little.

Fancy Pink baby girl dressInevitably when your shopping you will notice the availability of clothing for girls differs greatly from that of boys. If your shopping for your daughter you will face far more temptation in the baby girls section then if you were shopping for little Johnny in the boys section. You’ll find yourself holding several girls dresses and stopping to wonder if little Jane really needs three new dresses in various shades of pink! So stop before you get to the register and rethink your purchase(s).

Remember to keep your budget in mind as well as what you really need when shopping. Try and plan your shopping trips around sales/coupons/special offers or loyalty programs to stretch your budget. When you enter a store ensure you check the sales/clearance racks and ask store employees about any ongoing or upcoming sales. Most will advise if an item is coming up for sale soon.

Did you buy little Jane a new party dress two days ago only to see today the same dress is on sale for 25% off? Keep your bills handy and don’t be afraid to head back to the store for a refund! Most stores will allow you to return and re-buy the item for the discounted price! You can use you additional savings to purchase smaller items on sale like accessories.

Don’t Forget!

Before you head out on your shopping trip here are a few key things to remember!

And finally remember to check to ensure the items you are shopping for are really needed. For example, have you ever gotten home with your purchase(s) only discover you have two of the very same item?  Also take a moment to ensure you have any coupons/discount cards needed while shopping. Finally remember to check sizing, sometimes baby maybe close to outgrowing his/her current size and remember every brand has a slight variation in sizing.